3225 Broadway, New York, NY 10027

Our main entrance is located on Broadway. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the class. 

Intro to Bouldering

Saturdays + Sundays | 3pm-4pm

Stoked on climbing but not sure where to begin? First time stepping foot in the gym? Intro to Bouldering can help! In this class aimed at first-timers and beginners, we cover the bare essentials: gear, grades, grips, down-climbing, falling, and footwork. After this class, you’ll never feel lost at the gym ever again.

Reservation required | Ages 16 and up*
$50 | Includes day pass and gear rental

Lady Rockers

Thursdays | 7PM-8:30PM (Biweekly)

Lady Rockers is back! This clinic is designed for women crushers - whether you're a beginner to intermediate level climber, this clinic is designed to get our ladies climbing community psyched! We cover the bare essentials while integrating core work - all in a supportive and inclusive climbing environment. 

Reservation required
$20 non-members | Free members

Core Conditioning for Climbers Express (CCC X-Press)

Mondays | 8PM-8:30PM

Short on time but still want to get that core workout in? Come take our CCC X-Press class! Improve your mobility and get that core stronger for those arch climbs!

Reservation required
$15 non-members | Free members

Core Conditioning for Climbers (CCC)

Mondays | 7PM-8PM

This core conditioning class is designed to bust your core! We start with dynamic warm-ups for your hands, wrists, thoracic spine mobility, hips, core, and ankles. Tabata style exercises will be integrated to really get that core on!

Reservation required
$20 non-members | Free members

Private Instruction

Focused, one-on-one, intensive coaching

A great way to take your climbing to a higher level and break through to that next grade. 

$120 / hr for one climber
$195 / hr for two climbers

Reservation required | Requests must be made at least 7 days in advance. Price includes day pass and gear rental.
Group private instruction also available for booking. Please contact us to request privates longer than an hour long. 

Lifting + Conditioning (L/C)

Saturdays | 10AM-11AM

Lifting/Conditioning (L/C) is a class for those looking to increase overall strength and power. The focus of L/C is compound movements, including squat, bench press, overhead press, and dead-lift, and using these exercises to increase climbing ability and prevent overuse injuries. The Starting Strength model is used for programming and teaching technique.

Reservation required | Ages 18+
$50 | Includes day pass and gear rental
All ability levels