Rock Master – $1,300

Rock masters have earned their stripes by displaying an ability to compete at the highest levels. Climbers will practice three days a week with a designated coach to train: power, endurance, and mental / physical conditioning at a maximum of 1:3 coach-to-climber ratio. They will be assessed individually and given goals throughout the season. They will have designated time to train one-on-one with a coach depending on their needs. 

*There are physical fitness and climbing requirements to be a part of the Rock Master program. Climbers who apply must be prepared to: 

  • Onsite V6/Redpoint V7
  • Onsite 5.11 c/d/ Redpoint 5.12 c/d
  • Must climb/train 1 day outside of Steep Rockers practice
  • Have a year round commitment to climbing and competing
  • Be highly proficient in reading routes/problems
  • Demonstrate a high level of self motivation
  • Demonstrates and utilizes advanced techniques when necessary
  • Uphold Steep Rockers behavioral standards
  • Have a desire to compete at a National and International level
  • Pass a physical fitness test

Team Information: 

  • 3 days a week
  • Full gym membership for the season
  • Sponsorship from Butora
  • 1:3 coach to climber ratio
  • Post-season coaching for competitors that qualify