How much does it cost to compete?

$5 cash buy-in at the door.

Can I pre-register?

Yes! Please do above

What does it mean to flash a problem?

It means that you complete the climb on your first try.

How do I know if i've officially completed the problem?

We will have judges. Official finish is controlled hold on the last hold - look to the judges for a thumbs up at the finish!

What if multiple people flash the problem?

The $500 pot will get split.

What if nobody flashes the problem?

The $500 pot will still go to the person who gets the high point.

Will men and women be competing against each other?

No. There will be separate problems and separate cash purses for men and women.

How many problems will there be?

Two. One for men, one for women.

How hard will the problem be?

Really hard. But it's only $5 to try, so try it!