No reservation required for individuals.

Admission by day pass. If this is your first time visiting our facility, you will receive an orientation when you arrive. 


Please make sure to review our youth policy for each location before you visit. We are exclusively a bouldering gym, so there are no ropes, harnesses, or belaying involved. 

If this will be your first time at our gym, we ask that you fill out a waiver. We also recommend that you wear comfortable gym attire and bring a fresh pair of socks. We offer climbing shoe rentals in case you don't have your own and will give you an orientation upon arrival. Time to get fit, get psyched, and get strong!


Day Pass | $25
Single Month Pass | $140
10 Visit Pass | $250
Membership Info


Shoe Rental | $6
Chalk Rental | $3
Shoe + Chalk Rental | $8
$20| Crash Pad Day Rental for outdoor climbing use


Steep Rock East is located at 1506 Lexington Ave between 97th and 98th St., a short walk from the 96th St. stop off the 6 train.

Steep Rock West is located at 3227 Broadway at 129th Street, a short walk from the 125th St. stop off the 1 train.